Oenanthol Bisulphate 20% (Oenanthol Bisulphite)

Oenanthol Bisulphate 20%  (Oenanthol Bisulphite)
Product Description
Oenanthol Bisulphate Fungicide,Oenanthol Bisulphate, Liquid Fungicide Manufacturer , Supplier ,Manufacturers, Oenanthol Bisulphate 25,Oenanthol Bisulphate 20, Wahgodia,Vaodara,Gujarat, India.


  • High quality
  • Effective
  • Safe and reliable


  • Endura (Oenanthol Bisulphate) is antiviral and antifungal in action
  • Endura (Oenanthol Bisulphate) exhibits strong fungicidal activity by inhibiting spore germination
  • Endura (Oenanthol Bisulphate) control all virus and acts as preventive and curative, also prevents and cures a large number of disease like Tikka Disease, Rust, Blight, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Spot, Damping oh, Rot, Anthracnose Pythium, etc., of grain crops, fruit, vegetable, plantation, orchard and ornamental owner crop
  • Endura (Oenanthol Bisulphate) Dose
  • Dilute 2 to 2.5 gm Endura in 1 liter. of water and use 200 to 250 lit. of water per acre through foliar spray. Apply thrice at 3 to 4 days interval in case of severe attack
  • Endura (Oenanthol Bisulphate) safe for mammals and plants, Endura is non mutagenic and carcinogenic
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